One step at a time

Skrivet av: DFlex - fredag, februari 15th, 2013

personlig tränare david dflex seisay

The past ten days have been very tough.

I’ve put my energy and effort into someone who means everything to me and who has not been well at all.

One thing I learned last year was that life hits hard. But you’ve gotta get hit back. You’ve gotta get back up and fight with all the strength you possess to press onward toward your goals. That’s what we’re doing and right now, mercifully, everything is stable.

So today to help you advance toward your fitness goals, I’m going to share exercise and diet tips that have helped Molly Rustas come within 1 kilo of her weight goal in just two weeks!

I’ll also share my plans for another work out I’m developing for Body of the Week Jamie Sallmen! As long as you’re ready to fight, there’s always a way to win – one step at a time!

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