Body of the Week: Shannon Ihrke

Skrivet av: DFlex - torsdag, januari 17th, 2013

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US Marine Corp Sargent Shannon Ihrke joined the armed forces at the age of 19, where she served for four years and earned a green belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. In 2011, while in the military, Shannon became a Maxim Hometown Hottie finalist and since she left the corp in 2012, her modelling career skyrocketed!

So far, Shannon’s been featured in Maxim Magazine three times, including the cover of their annual military issue. She’s appeared in numrous ads, including H&M, Ed Hardy and Labatts Beer. Before the year was over Shannon became a ProElite MMA ring girl and was chosen to be the 2013 Loop Rock Girl.  Her calander is already available for purchase! Follow Shannon on Facebook, Twitter and on insatgram @shannonihrke.

Here’s what Shannon shared with me about how she stays fit and healthy:

Q. When and why did you start exercising?

A. I’ve been an athletic person my whole life. Growing up I was always very involved in my school’s sports and played soccer, basketball and track and field.

Q. Where do you train and with whom?

 A. I actually do all my workouts from home.  I don’t have a fancy gym or anything like that. I just do all my cardio outside the good old-fashioned way and do a lot of basic ab workouts in the comfort of my own living room.  I don’t lift a lot of weights like I did when I ran track in high school or when I was active duty in the Marine Corps. Now that I model for a living, I try not to get too muscular.  All my attention goes to my abs, butt, and legs.

Q. What is your favorite gym?

 A. Boot camp in the Marine Corps.

Q. What is your favorite health food?

 A. I make some killer salmon. I’m all about the grilled salmon and asparagus! I eat it at least once a week.

Q. What is your favorite cheat meal?

 A. Honestly, once I started eating right I stopped craving a lot of the junk food that I used to crave so often. I’ve always been a big fan of Big Mac’s at McDonalds.  I can eat just about anything and not gain weight – blame it on genetics – but I like eating healthy for the simple fact that I feel better when I do.  I guess the only thing I crave now is sherbet and chocolate.

Q. Who is the your fitness role model and why?

 A. That would have to be my First Sergeant from the last unit that I was attached to in the Marine Corps.  First Sergeant Macias could be sick as a dog and still work out like crazy, he had us up everyone morning doing insane workouts and he was a big fan of two-a-days (working out twice a day).  He did a great job pushing me not just to be in better shape physically, but as an all-around Marine and person.  That was always something that I really respected.  The Marine Corps definitely taught me a lot about fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle but it’s incredibly important to me to be physically AND mentally tough – that’ll get you a lot further.

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